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That was going to work today. A very bad idea indeed. Maybe it would have been better, had I actually taken a pill before leaving this morning. Or maybe even remembering to take pills with me.

Had I not taken my cushion in Victor’s car this morning, I might have just asked him to take me straight back home. Sitting in the manual wheelchair was not comfortable at all. I managed to get some work done, but by lunch time, I really needed to rest.

I got home to find the house a hive of activity. Preparations are well under way for the big day on Saturday. All of a sudden, there is a mad rush of donations. Cilia is busy getting plants from various local nurseries. Gazebos and other structures are being erected. It is a mad house.

After looking round, the Robaxin finally kicked in and made me drowsy. Gemma and I went for a nap until dinner time. She has finally woken up a bit and is playing. As usual, she has no interest in noisy toys, amusing herself with bugs, or bits of grass from outside, or her stuffed mice.

Once again, Patch made an appearance, but was in and out so fast.

The pictures above were taken at Hartebeespoort dam, last month, when we went on that walk through the tunnel, with the other quad houses and bikers. I’m sure I’ve blogged about it. This waterfall is one of few pictures I was actually satisfied with, showing a small rush of water near the dam itself. The second picture is of the dam wall itself.