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Today was a very quiet day. For me at least. I tried to work from home a bit, but for some reason, I could not connect to my work computer, but they did not link up, though I could not see why. Luckily, the documents I needed were stored in my e-mail and easily downloaded.

The weather was overcast and damp the whole day. It did not stop preparations for Saturday’s fete, though. Tables are being set up all over the place, the yard swept, junk thrown out and plants being brought in for sale. Cilia has been extremely busy, out on the road with Uncle Ted. Together, they’ve been bringing everything back from various nurseries, including seed trays, succulents, shrubs and trees. Succulents are Uncle Ted’s specialty and I am keen to see what he brings in before the big day, since I want to kick-start my own little collection.

I went to the pharmacy earlier, despite the overcast conditions, for some Cataflam tablets for the inflammation in my back and shoulder. I bought Flax Seed oil capsules as well, at Chris’ suggestion. According to the lady that helped me, the oils would help lubricate the joints, but I should take the Cataflam as well, to start with. Chris said, skip the  Cataflam and just take two capsules. Give it an hour. I did. Besides a minor cramp along my spine, it’s not too bad.

My shoulder is actually feeling quite good and I was able to hold my camera, as you can see. I will admit, though, I was sitting at a table and balancing it while these pictures were taken.

Little Tommy is almost three years old. He is one of the staff’s children. He just loves Gemma, so I said to him, “Gee vir die kaatjie ‘n soentjie.” That’s Afrikaans. In English, it means, “Give the kitten a kiss.” Kodak moment, if you ask me.

There was word this morning that a cat was found dead in the road. Definitely not one of our cats, but from the description Hercie gave, I am worried that it might have been Patch. But if I go by Thato’s description, it might not be. Considering the frequency of her visits lately, I am waiting for her nightly venture. If she does not arrive, my fears are true.

Sheila has not been well either. When the vet came on Monday to give Gemma her inoculation, he took Sheila away with him. Cilia said she had a minor cough, I think. We are hoping it is nothing serious and he is just looking after her until she is 100% better. Needless to say, the longer we go without word, the more worried we become. She is not a spring chicken any more.