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… until next time, that is. There will be another fete will be held in October, I think, but I will keep you posted with all the details.

I was up by 07:30 this morning and already the place was a hive of activity. Most of the stuff had been set up during the week – like tables, and whatever. Yesterday, the goods had been unpacked. There was everything you could think of  – books, kitchenware, toys, random electronics, jewelery, plants, collectables, live music, a beer garden, a tea garden, boerewors rolls, curry and rice …

This morning, the food stalls were set up, as well as the guy who was playing live music for the event.

The gates opened at 08:00 and there was already a crowd waiting to be let in. When that gate opened, there was a mad rush to get in, as if some big clothing store was having an end of range sale. It was amusing to watch, because there is nothing special at a fete. But then, there is that saying that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

I did not spend too much. I bought a soft hand-knitted blanket to put in Gemma’s hut. Her nose was severely put out of joint at being locked up in the room while I was out enjoying myself. Though I did check on her often, brought Arrie to visit her and even spoiled her with a couple new balls.

I let her out the room mid-morning and she was immediately scooped up by a visitor wanting to show her husband the gorgeous kitten.  Being the protective little mother hen that I am, I immediately followed. Gemma really does not like being picked up by strangers and made a valiant effort to get away. I came to her rescue and she settled briefly in my lap before running back to the room.

I also found a torch, for cheap and bought a few ceramic pots for the garden. I’ll have to ask Victor to drill holes in the bottom sometime next week. After that, I’ll be bugging Uncle Ted to bring me some new plants. I really hope to find someone going to Port Elizabeth soon. I’ve collected some beautiful succulents over the years, and left them all with my mother when I moved to Johannesburg.

For breakfast, Nita bought me two pancakes. After that, still hungry, I went and had a bowl of curry and rice. Since it was so delicious, I went back for a second bowl at lunch time. I topped it off with a small piece of chocolate cake, which I had been looking at the whole day.

The different stalls started packing up just after lunch. A lot of stuff was sold, but there was plenty left over. Sales were good. Better than the last fete, I believe, but not as good as expected. Unfortunately, it was overcast first thing in the morning and we were expecting the rain to start at any minute. Also, there were several other events happening in the area, so people had to choose where they wanted to go.

All the pictures in this entry were taken with my cellphone. Not bad for a 3MP LG KP500. I have no idea, though, why the last picture turned out blue. I tried to fix it up with PSP a bit.