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I drink too much liquid during the day. As a result, I have a habit of waking up at least once during the night. I guess nobody has noticed the strange times at which I reply to some of the comments left on my blog. For some reason, I don’t always go straight back to bed and go check my blog, and my game of Star Gate Wars.

It was Kathy’s comment in reply to “Another weekend draws to a close” that got me thinking about different things with regards to blogs. Amazing what thoughts go through one’s mind in the early hours of the morning.

I originally stumbled upon Kathy’s site when logging in to WordPress and saw the article “How to write a WordPress blog & get a zillion hits” on the main page. Considering how obsessed with stats I am and how I want to improve my readership, quite obviously, I clicked. Most of what she wrote about, I was doing already. I write because I enjoy it. I write often, and when the mood hits. I write about what moves me. I shamelessly punt my blog at every opportunity I get.

Kathy mentioned about visiting other bloggers. I’ve mentioned this too. What I have not gone into detail about, though, is how easy WordPress makes it for you to do so.  Especially if you are a registered user on their site. I have  two tools that I use very regularly and access from my account’s dashboard.

The first is “Blog surfer”. Here, I have entered all the names of bloggers that I want to read regularly. This same list can be found on my blog roll on this site. You can specify the time frame and click “go” and WP brings back all the new blog entries from the bloggers listed on one page, for easy reading. Then I just go and click the blog entry that I am interested in leaving a comment for and Bob’s your uncle.

The second is “Tag surfer”. With this little tool, I can enter tags that I want to see more blogs of. For example: Cats, Kittens, Animals, Pets. Click “go” and WP brings back the most recently blogged entries related to my favourite tags. Once again, just read, click and comment.

Thinking some more, I realized a significant gender difference. Most of the blogs that I read are written by ladies. Most of the comments left on my site are by ladies too. I find this rather strange because usually I associate better with guys than ladies. Most of my friends are male. I don’t know why. Gaming might be a part of it. You don’t get many female gamers. But that is only a recent reason. I have just always gotten along better with guys.

I know there is a third point that I wanted to add to this blog entry, but it is eluding me now … more later, perhaps.