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Firefighter Erna Redinger and four-month-old Max, rescued from a fire. Source: News24

And something which has been sorely lacking for the past couple days at work. Usually, it takes a lot for me to get annoyed, but lately, just the smallest detail has been enough to trigger the need to break something. Fortunately, nothing broken yet …

For a week or so now, I have had problems with the firewall at work. Just to visit a simple news site, it would pop up prompting for a password. Even not doing anything at all, pop-ups would intermittently appear. Somewhere on the system a little bug did not like me. And refused to go away, despite several calls to the helpdesk to rectify the issue.

I think it was about five different calls, of which three were placed yesterday before I got someone who understood what was happening and escalated the matter to the right person. So,  I got a call back to sort it out. My browser history was cleared, a URL was fixed here, other things fixed there. All sorted. The problem did not recur again. Great.

This morning, I received an e-mail, saying I had to help with some tests for a project that I knew nothing about. Lovely. Well, it happened yesterday, but only was able to work on it today after being granted access to the QC repository. Don’t try and understand, just go with the story here.


Kofu, rescued from behind a wall. Source: IOL

This is a big project which is a high focus for the company. And so you have to be all fancy and have a naming convention for all the tests and a special procedure for the way things are done. The average layman would look at this and think you were talking Greek. I got a headache instantly and felt my patience wearing thin.

Then, the spreadsheet I had given the developers to fill in when creating the tests was modified to suit them. Instant irritation.

Top it off, trying to access the QC repository hit a blank wall. Literally. I opened my browser and got nothing. Trying to refresh the site did nothing either. Not wanting to mess around and risk another annoying problem with my computer I called in the experts. True as bob, my lovely computer works like a dream for them and the site opened instantly.

So here I am, gleefully waiting for time to go home and the only thing keeping me sane are amusing April Fool stories, and heartwarming stories like the puppy rescued from a fire and the kitten rescued from behind a wall