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Misty & Liquorice

Misty & Liquorice, two months ago

I guess that’s what you could call a day off well-spent. Doing absolutely nothing and staying tucked away in bed for most of it. I slept most of the afternoon and am looking forward to tumbling back into bed any moment now. Heaven help me if I have a restless cat in the middle of the night …

If I have to tell Chris that I am tired again, he will reiterate that he thinks I have a problem with my heart. Much as I love the guy, it quite annoys me when he thinks he knows so much and health and computers are not high on his knowledge list.

I am now sitting trying to blog with a half-asleep Gemma between my arms. She has been on my mind a lot lately, especially with the knowledge that I’ll be getting a dog in just over two months time. (Just to put you in the picture, I applied for another Service Dog from the South African Guide-dog Association and was told at the beginning of the week that they had a dog in training for me.)

While it is amazingly quick that I will be getting it, I am naturally worried about how she will take it. Also, the timing puts me in a spot of bother, as she turns six months at the end of June and I want her spayed in the middle of that month. What’s the problem? I am her mom and I want to be there when she comes home from the operation. I want to be there when she has her stitches out and I don’t want Gemma having the extra stress of coping with a new roommate at the same time.

I think I am going to have to chat to a couple people and see how long I can safely delay the operation without the risk of her going on heat.

There are the other cats to think about as well. Sheila is not getting any younger. Cilia has already said that she does not want the dog anywhere near her room, and I don’t blame her. That room is the cats’ safe haven.

Trying to get Gemma to socialize with the others has been a mixture of success and frustration. Frustration because she still is not playing with any of the other cats. Success because there has not been a fight and we have come so close to Gemma and Liquorice (aka Liefie) playing together. If you can call a startled retreat from a paw reaching from between two pot plants a success.

Gemma met Misty (aka Boet) today. We don’t see him often, since his mom lives elsewhere, and just visits her boyfriend. I was amazed at how big he had grown. He was easily twice Gemma’s size. The colour of his fur has faded since that picture was taken, and he dwarfs Liquorice too.

The only other cat I have not mentioned is Patch. I did see her that night, after I blogged about the cat being run over. I think she stopped by once more after that and even paused at the doorway to my room, looking in. I considered that a step in the right direction, but sadly have not seen her since. It has been raining a lot and been cold and damp for days now. I am hoping that is the only reason for her absence…