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I got a hit to my blog yesterday from someone searching for information on the question: “can you live a normal life with oi” … Short answer is, yes.

I did not even touch my computer when I woke up at 04:00 this morning, but that question was on my mind. I actually changed the question to, “Can you live independently with OI?” The answer would still be yes.

OI is the abbreviation for Osteogenesis Imperfecta. The fancy term for Brittle Bones, which is what I have.

Thoughts flitted through my mind of living at home with my parents. Leaving home to live with my boyfriend, who became my husband. Now, I’m living at Quad House.

You are wondering how this all relates to the title of my blog. My thoughts went from thoughts of independence to thoughts of love. What one thinks love is and what one would do for love. My final court date is coming up in less than two weeks time for my divorce and so with the chapter closing, last year’s events are playing on my mind.

I loved him with all my heart, but somewhere things went horribly wrong. It was not just one problem. There were several. I tried very hard to make the marriage work but in the end, I had to get out or lose my sanity completely.

He told me that he loved me and that everything he did was to ensure my happiness. Once upon a time, I believed him and knew this to be true. After the events of last year, I could not any longer. He told me I had rejected him. He described in detail one night the pain that he said he was feeling. I tried to leave the room, in tears, but he followed me. When I tried to leave again, he disengaged my wheelchair so that I could not move away and continued the conversation. I cried so hard that I vomited. He asked me to name another husband who would clean up after their wife like he does. I ask now, what kind of a husband would distress his wife as badly as he did?

Do not stay in a situation just because you think the person loves you. Do not stay in the situation because you think that you cannot live without them. I have learned that there is always an alternative.