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The sun has set upon another beautiful day here at Quad House. You would not have believed that I had a bad night’s sleep last night if you saw me today. Gemma, by comparison is pretty much exhausted, having played like the crazy three month old kitten that she is for the best part of  the morning and afternoon. She collapsed for an hour or two, but she’s up and about again. I am quite sure she will sleep well tonight.

Rudy had some friends visit today. They were originally from the UK. Gemma took a shining to Derry, who said she was a major cat lover. I have not seen Gemma greet someone so enthusiastically before. We sat and had a good chuckle watching Gemma play in the garden. Derry was sat in a garden chair, leaning over the back, snapping her fingers. Gemma frequently ran and pounced on her outstretched hand before running away again. After the first couple, I had to go get my camera. Unfortunately, not all the pictures came out very clearly. There was a lot of motion blur.

I took two walks today. I had planned to go shopping this morning, but since my battery had not finished charging, again, I decided to just draw cash from the machine down the road. Also, it was sort of overcast and going for a long distance walk was pushing it. I did not want to get caught in a sudden downpour.

I had the most delicious lunch of chicken, with grilled potato, baby carrots and cauliflower, with rice. Chris was not that impressed and left his chicken, which I had on a sandwich for dinner.

After lunch, I had planned on having a nap, since I had such a bad night last night. I woke up frequently to go to the bathroom, and then got up early, unable to go back to sleep.

Neither Gemma, nor I got to have that nap, because just as I was closing my door, there came a knock. Victor had come round to put shelves up in my cupboard. There is space in the cupboards for four extra shelves. All that needed to be done was wood measured, cut and slotted into place. I’ll take a picture tomorrow to show you what I mean.

Having Victor come round, with his wife, Carol sort of gave me that second boost of energy. I had not felt so totally exhausted that sleep was a necessity, but since it was a long weekend and I was so relaxed, it would have been nice.

So now, after some measuring, cutting and fitting, I have four new shelves in my cupboards. Tomorrow, I have to decide what goes where and how to pack stuff and arrange things to my liking. My waste paper basket is beginning to get in my way, but there is no other place to put it and where else am I going to put my rubbish?

After dinner, I went for another walk. I stopped at the corner cafe for a couple drinks and went round the block. The closer to the end of my walk, the slower it became. First I saw two kids walking a pair of large dogs. The kids could not have been more than twelve or thirteen, walking a black Alasation and a black Labrador. The dogs were walking ahead, leashes intertwined and I could not help but wonder who was taking who for a walk.

Getting to the next corner, I was met by a beautiful sunset. The pastel blue sky was streaked with soft cottony pink clouds. Swallows were dancing through the air, diving this way and that. As I approached the tree near our gate, I looked up and saw moths valiantly flying away, only to be caught mid-flight to become a bird’s next meal. I sat watching, fascinated. In the blink of an eye a moth just disappeared from sight. What was seconds before was almost a dozen moths in flight, suddenly became one lone survivor, and then there was none.

It is getting late now. Gemma has barely roused from her slumber. She got up long enough to eat and visit the litter box, but all is quiet again now. I had set a small bowl of food in the passage, in the hopes to entice Patch on her nightly vigil, but I have not seen her. There has been a bit more activity than usual this evening and I can be assured this is what has kept her away. She is still extremely shy of people.