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You really should hear it. It is so loud that you almost have to raise your voice to talk over he sound. A few different thoughts are running through my head, including the nursery rhyme, “It’s raining, it’s pouring…”, the song, “It’s raining men” and the old saying, “It’s raining cats and dogs.” Our traffic reporter once confused that saying on the radio and said, “It’s bucketing cats and dogs.” I caught it in this blog entry.

I am sort of wishing that I did not share all the pictures of Gemma last night. Now I don’t have anything for today’s entry. Considering how cold it was today, I was not in the mood to pick up my camera.

But it did not stop me from taking an hour to go for a walk to the shops. Only to find that they did not have the concentrated cold-drink that I wanted. So I settled for grape juice, which I also mix with water and went home.

About an hour after we got home, we had our first brief shower. Then it was lunch time. Hot soup and bread. Perfect for a cold day like today. While we were waiting for it to be dished up, he started teasing me about my short stature again. I’ve been given the name “Little One” by some of the residents – specifically Craig. So Chris was going on about “with emphasis on the word little”.

Now, I know his weak spot. He is extremely ticklish. The only way to get away from me is to try ride away from me. Fortunately for him, his chair is faster than mine, by just a fraction. But because he’s bigger, it means he can’t navigate corners so well, giving me a chance to catch up and try tickle him from behind. So, there we were, in the light afternoon drizzle, chasing each other from one end of the property to the other, with Chris yelling with laughter.

Dinner was even better – fish and chips. Deep fried. You can get some nice take away joints that make fish and chips, but you don’t beat it when using fresh oil. The potatoes also probably have something to do with it. Anyway, best fish and chips in a long time!

Oh, just an update on last night’s blog. I thought Gemma was tucked away sleeping. Completely wrong. It was moments after I posted the entry that I heard her crying outside my window. Unfortunately, it was a bit high for her to jump up, so I had to go to the house door and call her from there.