Not much besides the fact that the line rhymes. I woke up to a cold and overcast morning, got ready and had to convince Gemma to go inside so I could lock my room and go to work.

It won’t be for much longer, though. Victor and I are working on a plan where the door will be secured partly open and my valuables locked away in a cupboard. I highly doubt someone will try steal my hi-fi or computer. Not with all the cables tapedtogether in one jumbled mess …

So after I got home, I went straight out again for a walk to the pet shop down the road. There were several things I wanted to check out for Gemma, including getting some Frontline. I had found a flea on her recently. The shop is like an oversized pet shop and you normally don’t find frontline at a pet shop. Not that I am aware, anyway. But they had it, which impressed me.

With a vet that is kind enough to visit Cilia’s and my cats at home, and a pet shop that literally has everything that I would need, Quad House is turning more and more into a great place to have moved to.

I also asked the lady there what she fed her cats to supplement their diet. Anyone who reads the ingredients list will know that commercial dry pellets is not enough to feed a pet – dog or cat. Plus, the high temperatures that they are baked at kills most vitamins and minerals. She suggested tuna or salmon. I had been planning on tuna all along, so that fit right into my plan. She also suggested chicken feathers, but that did not appeal to me too much.

Gemma proved to be extremely hyper when I got back, racing round the yard and climbing things. Once, she half planned to jump into my lap and changed her mind at the last minute, scratching three lovely stripes across my foot!

Once she settled, I put the Frontline on, much to her disgust. But, now she is sleeping in my arms and I finish writing this with one hand …