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Ok, so maybe I will write a blog entry. Let’s see how short it remains …

I just went looking through all the pictures that I have uploaded to the site and am surprised at how few I have shared before Gemma came along. This is Oscar, originally featured in “Thursday off“. Or so I named him, or her. He was a feral cat that took a shine to me and was quite photogenic. Quite a beautiful cat.

Speaking of cats, as the title of this entry implies, Gemma is a constant source of pleasure and delight for me. She has bonded to me like you won’t believe and I have given up trying to socialize her with Cilia’s cats. It seems she prefers humans to other felines and readily seeks attention from staff, residents and visitors.

Have I mentioned how easy it has been to have her as a pet? She is not fussy. She occupies herself very quietly if I am sleeping. My only complaint is that she kneads my arm with her claws when she curls up on my table. She has this habit of curling up in my arms when I am on the computer. My right arm on the mouse, her nose in my armpit, claws flexing into my upper arm. It looks like I have a rash by the time she’s done, though I usually try pull her paws away when it starts hurting.

Amazingly, no matter how hyper she is, she seems to settle down fairly quickly at night. She watches me getting into bed. When I’ve pulled the blanket up, she pounces on my feet and plays with them for a bit and then everything goes quiet. Sometimes she lies on my laundry at the foot of the bed, other times she makes herself comfortable in my wheelchair. If those two spots are empty, then she’s inside her little hut under the table. Unfortunately, the big pillow that she usually sleeps on just takes up too much space on the bed, so I’ve thrown it in the cupboard.

And with all that said, it’s time we prepared for bed 🙂