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Have I written on this topic before? I am betting that the “Possibly related posts” section will link to it if I have, and I can think of at least one other article that might pop up.

Regular visitors will know that I stick to a first name basis for a very good reason. Without a surname, I could be speaking about anybody on this fine earth. I have not specifically named the Quad House where I am staying for a very similar reason. I knew that there would come a time that I wanted to get on my soapbox and vent about something going on here.

True as bob, what do you know?

I have had little patience lately, but the inconsideration of one of the residents here pushes one of the few buttons that still have a rubber coating over the top. (Yes, me still finding a tiny bit of humour in the situation). I won’t gripe about why I don’t like work at the moment. That’s beside the point. But anyone coming home from the office just wants to sit down and relax.

Gemma, being so tightly bonded to me, does not like playing outside by herself. She is quite happy to stay in the room all morning and then explore when I get home. Even though the jacket is still tied to the window until we have a chance to fix that “ladder”. Anyway, it gives me an excuse to sit outside, enjoy the fresh air and read my Kindle.

Can’t exactly enjoy the silence when there isn’t any, can you? Not with a certain resident whose windows overlook the middle garden, or courtyard, blasting his music so loud that even if I went back to my bedroom, two rooms down the house opposite, I would still hear it.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s not the only one who plays music loud. Even I do on the rare occasion, but when it is nearly every single day for several hours – not just one or two, I mean basically the whole day – it is more than a touch frustrating.I am lucky that he and I share similar tastes, but really, I don’t want to be forced to listen to it!

We are having a special meeting tomorrow – for some other legalities. I plan to consult my lawyer in the morning and make a stand tomorrow. Regardless of my levels of patience, he needs to be considerate to the rest of us living on the property.