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Last night, I was planning on going to bed early. I had already finished with my game, taken my pills and done everything else. All that was left was to climb into bed, play with Gemma as I got changed and close my eyes.

But something said to me, go click on the “Tag surfer” quick. It’s been a while, but a quick look won’t hurt. So I did. As usual, to save bandwidth, I had canceled the downloading of images. I was just scanning over the text, not really even reading. Something caught my eye. I can’t even be sure now, what it was. Maybe it was the phrase “ignorant people” and the ways the word “They” was in quotes. So I read the story and then clicked the link to leave a comment. The post was called: “Living a life much bigger than normal“.

The story told by Charmaine in her post was one that really annoys and frustrates me. Here is a lady with a beautiful little girl who just happens to be unique. I will not call Leah different. To be called different has a negative connotation to me. A stigma, if you will.

No, Leah is a sparkling little diamond among us common pebbles. She has been placed here for a reason, just like all of us children who are unique in our own special way. She should not be shunned because she is a “Little People”. She should be welcomed with open arms, because it is children like her that teach all of us that we are special. That it is OK to be different.

Do not shun her. Do not hastily pull your child away from her, as if she had some unknown disease. Embrace her, rather. She is a child of the New South Africa. Where people should stand together and be proud of who they are.

So yes, I went to bed later than planned, after having been inspired by her story. Together, maybe, we can get the word out there that being unique is a good thing. We are people too. Happy and living life to the full.