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As you know, I have been looking forward to this visit for a while now. I have been moody, cranky and my face has broken out in spots worse than a teenager. I thought it could only be the fact that my hormones were low and needed topping up. How wrong was I.

No, nothing bad, don’t worry. Hormones were all within acceptable ranges. I told my doctor that I’ve been exceptionally cranky and tired lately. I told her about tomorrow’s court date and gave her a brief glimpse at some of what happened last year. She responded that all my symptoms were due to stress and also recommended that I go back to a full dose of antidepressants. Yes, what I thought was only a mood stabilizer is actually an antidepressant.

But what is depression really? I have always felt that to be depressed, you have to be sad, lethargic and not in the mood to do anything. Not even to want to get out of bed.

Yes, I have been sleeping a lot more, but I get out of bed. I hate my work, but I still get up, go to work and get things done. I love playing on the computer, sitting in the garden with my Kindle and watching Gemma play.

I have days where I don’t want to chat to most people, but I don’t  hide away in my  room. Actually can’t with Chris around. He comes into my room daily for a chat. Heck, even wakes me up from my afternoon naps. Unfortunately, I’ve nearly bitten his head off a couple times now, but we apologize within an hour or so and forget about the outburst.

But back to this morning, since I was at the hospital and the check ups were due, I went for a bone density scan and mammogram. Hopefully the results are good there. The doctor also recommended that I get some Vitamin B injections from the pharmacy. She also mentioned that I was slightly low on iron, so plan to chat to Warren or Jeff about maybe getting iron supplements as well.