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Monday and Tuesday were quite good, compared to today. Maybe I just got too much sleep last night. I was in bed just after 20:00 and slept all the way through to this morning, 05:45. I did wake up twice, but that’s par for the course, considering the extra hours I slept.

I am sitting here, trying to think what happened today and my mind is drawing a blank. Poor Victor is having more car trouble. The volksie (beetle) has a real thirst for gas and the starter in the Audi has blown. Luckily I plan to work from home tomorrow, but might have to make a plan for next week.

As you can see, I’ve changed my blog design, yet again. This is a new theme that was released today. It has a lot more flexibility than other themes I’ve tried, so thought I’d give it a go. The picture above should be easily recognized by anyone from Port Elizabeth. It is my favourite spot just alongside the pier. I can sit overlooking these rocks and watch the waves splashing for hours at a time.

Gemma has decided that my jacket is her new play toy. She is racing around the room like a lunatic. She has succeeded in dragging it off the bed and across the room. She keeps pouncing on it, then running away to hide, usually under the bed. Considering how big she is getting, I am surprised she still fits.

Chris has told me that she is very content to explore outside while I am at work. Have I mentioned this before? She doesn’t venture far from home, though, which is a good thing. I just worry when she decides to climb that wall overlooking the neighbours. I don’t know what kind of dogs they have there.