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You have probably noticed that I’ve gone and changed my theme again. Much as I liked the old one, it somehow distorted left-aligned pictures and since I don’t want to be forced to order pictures, I have now changed it to suit me. Same header, though, just two columns now, instead of three.

Since I don’t have much to write about, I thought I’d share a few cat pictures that I’ve taken over the years. This is Casper, who belongs to a friend, Emile.  He had about eight or so, and this one was the most beautiful. We went to visit the one afternoon, though I can’t remember the occasion and, predictably, I went nuts with my camera.

The next beautiful cat is from Heia Safari Ranch, the beautiful getaway which I went nuts about in my previous post. I think her name was Princess, or some other weird name. I just called her Cuddles. Even in the middle of nowhere, you get a sense of domesticity. There were several cats there and I remember being told that they were around for the children to pet, since they could not touch the wild animals. Ironically, the cats made themselves very scarce most of the time.

Rather amusing, don’t you think? I used to stay in a townhouse complex, with my now ex-husband. I enjoyed wandering around with the camera, or taking the dogs for a short walk. This is one of the cats there that stopped long enough for me to take a picture. Her name is Chopstix. Yep, amusing name too.

I have mentioned this cat enough times in my blog already. For a feral, he was quite content to approach me in my wheelchair and let me bend over and pet him. The whine of the motors as I moved around did not concern him either. Well, I’m assuming it was a male, since I named him Oliver. Could very well have been Olivia for all I know. Because he was so friendly, I often went looking for him, to get more pictures. I eventually overstayed my welcome, because it was not long before he began to make himself scarce when he saw me approaching.

I don’t think it would be appropriate for me to end off without mentioning Gemma, who is currently fast asleep in her little hut. I think she is finding that knitted blanket nice and warm considering the cold weather that we’ve been having lately. I’d love for her to curl up under the blanket with me, but as you know, you cannot convince a cat to sleep where she does not want to.

She disappears in and out the window whenever she feels like it. Access is a cinch now, with the old wooden hangers nailed to the board. I can rush off now, not having to worry about whether she is in the room or not, because she is quite able to find her way back herself and not upset anybody with her forlorn crying.

I stopped at the pet shop, while at Cresta this morning and told the lady there what a pleasure Gemma was to have as a pet. She was very pleased that things were going so well. I told her that I’ve always been so lucky with my pets and she agreed that animals know when there is true love felt for them.