So, how boring can one person get on a Sunday, which is not even close to being mid-winter? Hopefully not more boring than I was today. I stayed hidden away in my room and spent enough of the day curled up in bed. I did not even go out and enjoy a good walk.

I wonder how much of my lethargy was attributed to sleeping badly, how much to depression, to the cold, or possibly withdrawal from my chocolate addiction.

Don’t laugh. I had two blocks of a Cadbury’s caramel bar and almost immediately felt better. I have made a serious effort to stop eating chocolate lately. It’s sort of worked, but as my chocolate habit has decreased, so my lethargy has increased. Not sure if the two are related.

Unfortunately, I don’t have tomorrow off. Really should have taken the day, considering Tuesday is a holiday. I’ve had my cup of milo. Guess it’s time for an early night …