… and it is not even winter yet. I am sitting here with a fleece jacket on and a thick pair of socks, wondering how much colder it will get as winter really sets in. Ask anyone, I don’t normally wear socks, so you can imagine how cold it is.

And to top it off, we had a few hours without electricity this morning. We’re apparently supposed to have another blackout tonight, but I’m still waiting for the power to go out.

So there we were, mid-morning. I had slept in and had only gotten up a couple hours before. No power and wondering what to do to keep busy. Well, Gemma had her own agenda. Today was the first day she ventured right across the yard and into the huge tree on the other side. Unfortunately, I only had my cellphone with me,  so the quality is not that great.

She was so hyper this morning, it was unbelievable. Racing round like a mad thing, and then up that tree, all the way up the large branch, to where it had been cut off, about two meters above the ground. She stood there, watching the bird on top of the roof, and scanning her surroundings before finally deciding it was time to try make her way back down. The incline was not too bad, so she got down fairly easily.

Now we just have to wait for her first “stuck up the tree” experience …