Maybe I should call this post “Fantastic Friday”, or “Freaky Friday”. Oh, who cares. I just know that today is one of those days where that song is very applicable. Ok, sort of. I’m just watching as the day goes pear-shaped for people around me and for some reason, just can’t help laughing.

Yes, I’m mad!

The biggest chuckle I am having is for the guy sitting next to me, Craig. Yesterday afternoon, right before we were going  to leave the office, he wanted back up his work, and his computer just went dead. Nothing he tried could revive it. I joked with him that he had worked it to death.

This morning, he got back to the office, it was still dead. So, he hooked up another computer and tried to log in … only to find that his log in details had been deleted! He no longer has an account on the system. As I write this, he is on the phone to desktop support, trying to sort it all out.

I don’t know what’s caused my change in mood, but I am definitely enjoying it. Though I am completely out of energy by the end of the day.

Chris, at home, has a lovely habit of pushing my buttons. He takes great delight at annoying me. Now, I don’t know what to say to annoy him back, so I have another button to push. That’s to tickle him senseless. Just the threat of tickling him causes him to bellow with laughter and just makes me laugh even more.

Last night, he got me wound up again, but managed to escape my room before I could tickle him. Of course, I followed him, planning to tickle him when he got into his room. “Wait,” he said, “I just want to turn round.” He headed for the door, and squeezed past Gemma in the doorway and then did not stop. When I realized what had happened, I chased after him and caught up with him in the kitchen of the top house.

“No, not here,” he yelled. “This is not our house. We’ll wake everyone up!” Should have thought of that before you started teasing me … and so I tickled him anyway. Angie and Thato were there, having a cup of coffee before doing their night rounds and they were giggling so badly. Finally, we calmed down and we all went to bed.

Oh, quick update on Craig here. His log in was a hardware problem. He’s on his third machine and hopefully able to get some work done. Something I should do too.