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Please let me in on the secret, somebody. It is 14:40 in the afternoon and I have had almost 200 hits to my site in one day. I have not been so popular since July2007, when I released my wedding photos. Is there a secret that everyone else knows that I don’t?

It has actually prompted me to put a poll on my site, since my stats are not giving me half a hint of where all my referrals are coming from. Please click and vote, to tell me where you are finding my blog from.

So I did not mention anything leading up to it, but this morning, we had a mini market at Quad House. We had so much left over from the fete two months ago that we thought we would give it a try. It was a very quiet day, but we did make some sales. Yesterday was such a lovely day, but then it rained again during the night and this morning continued to be overcast. Amazing the luck we have had with the weather.

Another contributing factor, I think, was that this mini market was not very well prepared, which I find strange, since the date had been decided well over a month in advance. Regardless of the weather and other factors, I don’t think the idea will be scrapped. It is believed that the community are just not used to the idea of mini markets, and thus the outcome was less than expected.

What have I been up to today? Not much. It was cold. The mini market was on the go. I did go to the pharmacy for my Vitamin B injection, but it was closed. Yes, I did go after 9am, and it was still closed. There was no sign on the door or anything.

Even though I got to bed late last night, I am not feeling too tired. My back was sore and I could not get comfortable. Not only that, I was just not in the mood for sleep. It was nothing bad. I just did not feel tired enough to sleep. Or I got a burst of energy. Things like that happen every now and then.

I’m hoping that the weather clears a little tomorrow. I’d like to walk to the shop and do a little shopping. We didn’t go to Cresta today because of the mini market. There’s not much that I need to get, but would like to find something for my lunch next week. Much as I need to lose weight, starving myself won’t work either …

Oh and the picture above … not the best, but it’s significant for me. It’s the view of the Port Elizabeth coast from an aeroplane window. I can’t remember if we were arriving or leaving, but yeah, took a few shots…