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The pictures in this blog entry are definitely ones that you will have to click on, for larger images, to appreciate the whole scene. It was taken in July 2008, while exploring Addo Elephant Park outside Port Elizabeth. It is one of my favourite pictures from that day. I thought about it after reading of the elephant that died in the park recently on News24.

So what’s been happening lately? I am sad to say, not much. Hence the title of this entry. I would probably have to read previous entries to this blog to see when last I had an interesting day…

On Saturday, we had the mini market at the House. It was extremely quiet. Partly due to the weather, I suspect. Though I also heard that the feeling was, it was not well prepared. I have mentioned this before … and I have my own ideas on how to draw the crowds for the next one that we organize.

It has been overcast, wet and cold again for the last few days, though it did clear up long enough yesterday for a walk to Pick n Pay. It’s about a half hour trip in my wheelchair and I took my time, since it was a Sunday morning. I did not spend much, just grabbing a few essentials for the week ahead and took a leisurely walk back again.

The rest of the day saw me having a good afternoon nap, and then watching the 8pm movie with Chris in his room. It was the latest of the “Fast and Furious” movies. I can safely say that it was the first time I actually sat and watched anything small screen, from beginning to end and enjoyed it since the start of the divorce.

I still have no intention of getting my own television, though.

I got to bed just over half an hour later, but had trouble falling asleep because my back was sore again. Interesting how it’s a Sunday night that this happens. So I got up, took a pill, fell asleep closer to midnight, woke up for a bathroom break and finally got up again, still tired at 5:45.

It was another boring day at the office and for most of the morning, it was all I could do to keep my eyes open. Fascinating how the closer it gets to home time, the more energized one feels. Having some food to eat helps too, but nothing like the thought of going back home, to bed where it is warm and cozy on a cold wet day like today.

I booked my Aredia treatment for next week. It is an IV treatment for my brittle bones, which occurs for three hours on three consecutive days. I am considering taking the first two days off, since, typically, I sleep through most of it and I think it will be a good time to catch up on that much-desired sleep that I always seem to crave.

On a last note, Jenny thinks maybe my record number of hits on Saturday was because of the word “mad” in Friday’s blog title – “I’m going slightly mad” … well, let’s see what tomorrow brings …