So I didn’t write yesterday. Can’t say there was much to write about really. I worked from home and sat on the phone for a good half hour figuring out why I couldn’t connect to the company’s network. That’s all sorted and I managed to get quite a bit done while sitting comfortably here at my desk.

Today, I don’t actually feel like writing at all. Though, even less happened today than yesterday and I’m not feeling very creative.

But that’s not the reason why I don’t want to write.

I just want to go back to bed. I got home this afternoon, did some work remotely, went to the pharmacy for my Vitamin B injection and went to sleep. Chris woke me for supper. I ate and went back to sleep. I am wanting to go back to sleep again now.

Whether it’s anything to do with the minimal amount of liquid consumed yesterday and today, I don’t know. But I slept like the dead last night, and had a dream about unicorns this morning. This afternoon’s dream had something to do with an online game. I was on the phone with Barend and we were joking about something and throwing insults, I think.

So, the catch 22 part… If I drink a lot, I wake up and need bathroom breaks. If I don’t drink a lot, does it lead to this feeling of complete lethargy, or is it attributed to something else? I am tired of fighting this need to sleep and am just going to go with the flow. Hopefully it’s something that my body needs to work through and will sort itself out soon.