It feels like I have been on the go for most of the day today. Thank heavens I slept in a little. Victor has not been feeling well, so we went in a little later. Considering the cold weather we’ve been having, I had no complaints. Besides, I’ve sorted out my home computer now, so able to connect to the work’s network to get things done.

When I got into the office, it was a case of hitting the ground running. It’s been one of the few times lately that I’ve had so many small tasks to complete, that I had to make a list, to make sure I did not miss anything.

Needless to say, I finished everything in a fairly timely manner and was able to catch up on a few friends’ blogs before heading home.

Not much of a chance to rest when I got home, though. Chris had forgotten a couple things at the shops and needed my help, since his batteries were flat and he was going out very early in the morning. So, off I went and took a walk round the block and got the items along the way. Luckily, our little Telkom technician had finished his work down the manhole and I was able to continue along the pavement instead of along the road.

Chris treated me to a yummy toasted sandwich, with lamb and gherkin on. And then I still went and finished dinner too, an hour later. I couldn’t eat earlier, because I was waiting for the vet to phone back, to see if they could fetch Misty, who is not feeling well. Unfortunately, our usual vet is only back tomorrow, so I’ll call again, then. He will also give Gemma her booster injection while he’s here.

I’m sitting here looking at that African Violet in the second picture. Interesting how the camera has changed the colours. Or maybe it’s the sunlight. It is actually a very deep purple, yet in the picture it looks almost blue. Maybe I’ll get lucky and capture the true colour in the morning.