For they are pure and innocent …

I probably have this quote wrong, but that is what went through my mind earlier when a young boy of no more than three or four pulled free of his father’s hand to give me a hug.

There I was, sitting outside the hospital, waiting for my lift. I had barely noticed the family walking past, my thoughts totally elsewhere. I remember seeing the boy with Downs Syndrome who must have been about ten years old and greeting him as he went past. It was his younger brother who gave me a hug. He just stopped as the family walked past, pulled free and tried to hug me across the side of my wheelchair. I pulled him in front of me and gave him a big squeeze before greeting his father with a warm smile.

I still do not regret the decision not to have kids of my own. I know I would not make a good parent. Though I am sure I would make a great aunt. Watching children at play always brings a smile to my face.