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I am sitting here at work, providing support for two different projects. My work is up to date and I am just waiting for the next request with more work to come in. Not the most stimulating of days and I was ready to fall asleep until we had pizza just now. We decided not to have cake for once while celebrating another team member’s birthday.

I decided to take a break from blogging last week. It probably would have continued longer, had Nate and Jake not nagged me to write something new.

It has been several weeks since my day in court. I am officially divorced, but the court has lost my file. Par for the course, my lawyer told me when I called.

So last week, I went for my Aredia treatment. I still have the needle mark between my knuckles where they put the needle in for the drip. It lasted all three days. A first. Usually I end up looking like a pincushion by the end of the third day.

I still have a little bit of back ache. Sitting in this manual wheelchair at work does me no favours. I actually took Thursday and Friday off just to try and rest, but it wasn’t until about Sunday that I started taking anti-inflammatories. I thought it was only a spasm, but after talking to Elize, another resident at the House, that I discovered it was a pinched nerve. I had not taken medication in about eighteen hours, but finally had to take just now, when the spasm flared up again.

I met Nate on Saturday. Admittedly, I had been seesawing back and forth during the week, whether I wanted to go or not. Not because I did not want to meet him, but because I did not feel like going shopping. But I went. It was good to meet one of my best IRC chat friends after so many years. I enjoyed it. We had a Wimpy breakfast, before going clothes shopping. He bought me a Cherry Coke from one of the sweet shops there. Expensive little drink, but oh so nice.

After he left, I rode the shopping centre flat in my wheelchair, looking for a few odd items. I stopped for lunch at Mugg and Bean. This is in the Eastgate shopping centre, by the way. Kudos to the team there for proving that I could have lunch and pay my bill all within half an hour before getting fetched by our driver, Michael.

I have revived my photo blog, “It’s my photography” again. The link is on the right. Whether it proves to be a good idea will remain to be seen. It’s actually a better place to showcase my photos because it is very rare that I see someone has clicked a thumbnail on this blog…