Don’t worry, it has not happened to me. Nor is it a topic that is getting my blood boiling. Yet it is proving to be a huge source of amusement right now.

“Don’t let people take you for a ride,” he will tell you. Yet, if the situation suits him, that is exactly what he will do to you. It seems the more I get to know this guy, the more I find a reason to be annoyed with him.

He has a lady friend who lives just outside of Pretoria, who he has been chatting to for just over a year. They finally met recently. She has him doing all sorts of things for her, and giving her money if the need arises. Isn’t that being taken for a ride?

He has an old manual wheelchair, which needs some repairs doing to it. He wanted someone we both know to swap it with him, for a brand new wheelchair, which the friend had been given as a gift. Isn’t that being taken for a ride?

Some people never cease to amaze …