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Victor and I had a lot to chat about on the way to work this morning. It seems like I will have to look for new transport arrangements soon.

Aaron, another resident, works just a little further up the street from where I do. He had also approached Victor to ask him to drive him to work each day. For a while, it seemed like a good idea for the three of us to drive together. But, for some reason, I held off approaching Aaron to discuss how the arrangement would work. You know, petrol money, and what we would pay Victor for helping us out.

This morning, I woke up at 4:40 and just could not get back to sleep after visiting the bathroom. My mind had decided that it was a good time to think about things.

Among other thoughts, it suddenly dawned on me why I had been putting the topic off and delaying the chat with Aaron. First of all, travelling with Aaron would mean leaving before 6:30 in the morning  and only leaving the office after 16:00 in the afternoon. That is a nine hour working day. Nine hours of sitting in a manual wheelchair. I realized that my back just would not cope with such long hours.

The next thought that went through my mind was that from 20 June, it would not only be myself that I had to think about. My new Service Dog would also be going to work with me. We would be leaving the house early, getting back home after 17:00, and having dinner. By that time, being Winter, it would be dark already and no chance to go for a walk. Not only that, Nine hours under a desk is just no fun for a dog.

I quite like the way things are at the moment. I get to work by 7:00. I don’t take a lunch hour, which means I can leave the office at 14:30. After a half hour trip home, I have the rest of the afternoon to do as I please. Plenty of time to do what I like and take that afternon stroll.

But I could still make some kind of plan with Victor, surely? Why not keep things the way they are? He does not want a dog in the car. Nor would his wife, Carol, want a dog in her car either.

So yes, within the next two weeks, I need to make a new plan for transport.