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What a fun evening that was! And I am so lucky to have friends like Martin who have such interesting hobbies. Well, interesting hobby, or such a great talent for entertainment?

He said that they made many mistakes that night, but to an untalented ear like mine, they sounded fantastic. While I enjoyed the rest of the festivities too, the Quintet really got my foot going, even playing my favourite song, “When the Saints go marching on”.

I am a fan of the Busk! Brass Quintet on Facebook. Near the beginning of the month, I saw a message on the site saying that they were playing at the Randburg High school. Closer to the date, I wrote Martin an e-mail and asked if he could fetch me and take me with. Very lucky for me, he said yes!

The Quintet were the last item, not even featured on the original program, of musical pieces played by staff from the school. There was everything from guitar to violin, piano, and of course, the brass band. As the evening developed, so the music pieces picked up their tempo and became more lively. I started the evening relaxed in my manual wheelchair, eyes closed, slowly tapping a finger to the beat. By the time Martin and the guys took to the stage, I was sitting up and foot tapping, and all the rest of it.

The picture above is not the greatest, since it was taken with my cellphone. But you can see Mark playing an instrument that they call the “trombozela”. On the Facebook page, they call it the “tunable Vuvuzela”. Watching that performance really had me grinning. The Vuvuzela is a noisy irritation at best, but this “trombozela” was sweet by comparison.

Once the event was over, and many had left, those that remained were treated to a brief practice session while the Quintet tried out some new music pieces that Martin had obtained.

It was a late night, but considering the fun, I would have stayed up all night, if I could. Martin, once again, thank you for a great evening and I look forward to your next “gig”. 🙂