Sing along to Beyonce’s “All the single ladies”, and make up some words as you go along. Yesterday, I watched the video of the Vodacom parody of this song, and now the tune is stuck in my head.

This post won’t be anything major, but it’s about time I updated you on all our cats.

I haven’t gone to chat to Celia in a while. I have been rather unsociable lately and need to rectify this soon.

Sheila, our aging black cat, has probably spent most of her time with Celia. I have seen Liquorice around often, but she still remains aloof and nameless. She just does not like her name. If she does spend time with anyone, it’s with one of the children, Arrie. She is still small and sleek and beautiful.

Misty, on the other hand, has filled out tremendously. Some say he overeats. Maybe that is true to an extent, but the possibility is there that it is part of his heritage.

Yesterday, I saw him outside by the tree that Gemma occasionally goes climbing. It’s next to a low wall, so I parked my wheelchair and called him. He responded and we spent a few quiet moments as I gave him affection. This morning, as I was leaving for work, he ran up to greet me. Something he’s never done before.

Patch, on the other hand. I am beginning to really dislike that stray cat. I am looking forward to getting my dog now more than ever. Hopefully, the scent of a dog around the lower house will discourage Patch from lingering too often and thus save Gemma from serious injury.

I don’t know what happened, but last night saw Gemma’s second altercation with her / him. All I heard was a scrabble of claws as Gemma raced through the gap in the door, swerved and sought the safety of the bed. Looking at the door, I saw Patch’s head appear and I yelled at her to leave.

Gemma has not grown much. I still remain hopeful that she remains small. Despite everyone else telling me otherwise. She reminds them of another cat, which was rather large. Martin also thinks she will become a big cat. We will just have to wait and see.