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For those of you on my Facebook, you will know what (or who) I am referring to here. So much for having a relaxing evening.

But I am feeling better now than I did an hour ago.

I don’t know whether to thank my mother or not for telling me that his profile is open to Joe Soap and the world to view. It actually did not affect me much. Nice to see he’s bought a new car and has a new girlfriend. He’s moving on in his life. So am I.

What got to me was scanning further down his news feed and finding that a certain other woman had commented on a post. I was overwhelmed with anger and for several minutes could do nothing to staunch the flow of names that ran through my mind. I wanted to send her a hateful spiteful message. I then wanted to write to his new girlfriend and suggest she should ask him about certain friends on his profile.

Part of me should thank her. Without her stabbing me in the back the way she did, I would have continued in a marriage where I was not 100% happy. I am no longer trapped in a world where I was unhappy. I have moved on and building a life which I never imagined possible.

But I cannot thank someone I am not ready to forgive. But at the same time, better I sort through these emotions now, than later.

Instead, I want to thank all my friends who have provided me with their friendship and support. Each of you have helped in your own special way and I would not be where I am without you.

Moving along to other news. Elize took the bird in two days ago and gave it a warm shelter for the night where it was able to recover from its traumatic ordeal in the tree. Yesterday morning, she took the tin outside and left the lid off. When she got home again, he was gone. The tin was undisturbed, so it’s more likely that he flew away than had an altercation with another cat.

Speaking of cats. Look who came to visit today. Misty. He followed Victor from the top house and then proceeded to make a thorough inspection of my room. I can’t decide whether he likes Gemma or not, but it sounds promising. He called her from outside the window a little later and they went exploring the garden together.