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Instead of writing about myself for once, I thought I’d shine the spotlight on some blog entries that had an impact on me for one reason or another.

Facebook, we’ve got issues

Kathy seems to have a knack for writing posts which generate a lot of interest. As I mentioned in the message that I left on her page, I find Facebook quite superficial and primarily use it for the games and to keep friends updated when I write a new blog entry. Other than that, I rarely update my status, or add content.

But following on from last night. Should I thank Mr Book, or not, for helping me become aware of an as yet undiscovered hurt. Something better discovered sooner than later, so that I can get over it and move on. Read yesterday’s entry, if you are slightly confused.

Goodnight sweet Chelsea girl

I read this last week Friday at work. I had barely begun the story when the tears started flowing. I actually had to stop reading several times before I finished. With the exception of a few minor details, this was Fayth’s story all over again. The only differences were the fact that we did not have children, and did not get a second opinion before making the decision to put Fayth to sleep.

I wrote about it in: It’s over. Fayth is gone. The entry before that was called Fayth is not well, where we initially discovered something was not right.

Three years later, and the the date drawing closer, where I get my second dog, I still miss Fayth.

All a woman needs

This was written by a friend of mine. Reading it, I could not help but agree with her. Money can buy a lot. It can even help paint a mask over a relationship and make you think it is absolutely wonderful, when in reality, it is not. You can easily overlook the little things that give you the fuzzy warm feelings inside. End of the day, it’s actually not the money that matters, but those actions which money cannot buy.

That was something I forgot, over the years …