Pity it can’t be world peace, but right now, I will just settle for peace of mind, body and soul. Today was great. I could have many more like today and not have enough …

What did I do? Nothing!

Ok, well, technically that’s a lie. I went shopping and had some blood drawn for tests. I spent as little as possible, focusing mainly on my little stockpile of snacks and then spoiling myself with a little Belgian chocolate from Geldof. A bag normally lasts three months or longer, so definitely a sweet treat.

I had a croissant with cheese and tomato for lunch before heading home. I did not plan on having such a long nap but did not hear my alarm go off … three times. Next thing I knew, it was supper time.

It was boerewors and rice … Cilia and I get rice because we don’t like pap… Now, how do I explain this one to my non-South African readers?? Wors is sausage which you more often cook on a braai (BBQ)… Pap … it’s a traditional dish, made from corn. Though I might be wrong… Maybe we should Google that one.

Picture time. This was taken a couple years ago. My best macro to date. I’m hoping to save up and invest in a lens or two by the end of the year.

Until next time !!! 🙂