you will be wondering what happened if I don’t write. In other words, it’s been two days that have been so uneventful that it’s pure bliss. Well, in a way.

Celia is in hospital at the moment, in ICU. She’s seen three doctors and each seems to have a different opinion as to what is wrong. One thinks she might have had a heart attack., possibly dude to her weak lungs causing her heart to work overtime. The good news is that she is feeling better, on pure oxygen. We can’t visit her because she’s in ICU, but Theuns says she is doing a lot better.

I’ve not seen Sheila in ages. Only if I visit Celia in her room, do I see her lying on the couch. The other two cats are scarce as well, though I am assured that Mirriam is looking after them and making sure they fed. Although, they let everyone know, apparently, if there is no food available.

Hope you like today’s picture. It was taken about two years ago with my old Samsung Digimax. I looked out the car window, driving home and snapped a few shots, while stuck in traffic…