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Last night’s late night is finally catching up with me. Or should I say, this morning, since I only fell asleep after midnight. Five hours later, I was up again and getting ready for work.

I remembered my mp3 player this time. Friends were chuckling as I sat in my wheelchair, silently singing and bouncing to the music. I had a spreadsheet to do, to lay out some stats. Before I knew it, the day was almost over, and my work was done.

I got a lift home with Michael, our driver, and almost fell asleep on the way to Woolworths, where we picked up some stuff. I got a coke at the one traffic light, drank half and shared with Michael. That seemed to give me the energy to see the rest of the afternoon through.

Not much else to report. Celia is better. She’s in a general ward and we are hoping to visit her tomorrow. They think it was definitely a mild heart attack, and she had a small chest infection.

The cats were up and down the kitchen this morning. Sheila, especially, was a glutton for attention, but I could not stay long, as I was on my way to work.

I’m also back to the doctor for my hormone treatments. I’m not expecting any problems – just go through the results of the blood tests and get a great big needle jabbed in my rear. Not the greatest visit to the doctor, but hey …