Have you noticed how uncreative I have been lately? I have been so lazy and laid back. But then, not much has been happening either …

My sleeping pattern is so out of whack. I keep finding reasons to stay up until all hours. Usually it’s chatting. But not often to the same person for more than one evening in a row.

Today was rather interesting.

I went to Cresta, as usual and had a quick look in some paper shop. Nice to see what’s on the market if you feel like being creative. As I was leaving, I heard a black lady there ask for a pen. Moments later, she stopped me and offered me her number, saying, “I love you.” For some stupid reason, I gave her mine. She called me on the way home but I couldn’t talk. A while later, she called again, but I had gone out, leaving my phone to charge in the room. She left an sms asking when is a good time to call…

Don’t mean to be nasty, but how about never?

Looking out the window this afternoon, I saw Gemma making her way out of the tree, so I went outside and joined her in the garden. Then Misty joined us as well. It was really cute watching them chase after each other, stop groom themselves, then explore the garden some more.

The rest of today has been spent watching episode after episode of Supernatural. Nate brought them round to me the other week. I am on the 12 episode of the first season. I thought I had missed half of that season when it was on TV, but maybe not…

One last note, Celia is back home. I’ve not chatted to her much, since when I looked in, she was resting and did not want to disturb her. Needless to say, we are all glad to have her home.