Text on a screen. Maybe even on a piece of paper. That is all it is, but amazing what an impact those words can have on a person.

Those words could be something you have written yourself, providing a much-needed release. Therapy, of sorts, from recent hurts or long kept secrets. Or they could be from someone else. Someone close, or someone you have never met before. Words, which could be interpreted in so many different ways. Hurtful, when not meant to be. Or providing desperately sought support which you never thought existed.

This is what struck me when speaking to a friend about a blog entry that she had written. Like me, she has turned to blogging to process events in her life. Her story will never be finished as she faces day to day challenges and trips off down Memory Lane with long forgotten memories, whether wanted or unwanted. Her blog is a tool for expresssing herself. She only seeks understanding – from herself for what she is feeling, and from her readers to see where she is coming from. She does not need nor seek your pity.

All she wants, like I, is for you to understand how events have made us the women we are today …