Well, have you checked the date today? It is officially the start of the 2010 Soccer World Cup. I, for one, am not feeling the hype. One thing is for sure. Who ever invented the vuvuzela should have been removed from the gene pool before they were born.

It was just another typical day at the office. Boring, mundane chores and time ticking by as slow as can be.

Except for one minor point. I seemed to notice four guys that looked damn fine for a Friday…

There’s this Indian guy with a nice smile. He always smiles when he catches eye contact going past my desk.

Then there’s Johnny. He was part of the Internet Banking team before moving to a new area in the Bank. Today was his first visit to Sandton. Still looking as good as ever.

Last but not least are our two Russian counterparts, helping on a project. Vlad, with his dreamy eyes … who really needs some dress advice. It is so not cool to walk around with a jersey hanging over your shoulders.

And Max. You could be forgiven for thinking he was the life of a party with that cheerful face, always ready to greet. Today he was wearing a nearly skin-tight shirt and khaki pants…

Jenny was talking to him moments before I left the office. He was looking away as she walked past him, towards me. I made the gesture of pinching his ass. We burst into giggles and she looked back to see him checking us… Wonder what he was thinking …