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Well, the day has finally arrived. I am at the South African Guide-dog Association and all settled in for my first night … but still have no idea what dog I’m getting…

This place is as homely as I remember it, thirteen years ago. An unlucky number for some, but I am not superstitious.

There is already one new face that I’ve seen. Mandla, who trained the dogs. Eejay is still here, and also a trainer. Ken and Arleen still run the house and it was awesome catching up with them again.

Arleen helped me remember a few more things about Fayth that I had forgotten. Like wrapping my arms around her neck and using her to climb down on to the floor to brush her. I don’t remember it at all and wonder if I did it all that often after leaving the center.

Leaving the center … Reminds me of Jared from the series, The Pretender… Off topic …

I’ll probably remember more as the days progress. So far, it’s been fine to remember. None of the sadness of missing Fayth.

So far, we’ve just had a lecture on what to expect for the next few days. I don’t even remember much of it. My mind kept drifting. Partly because I don’t like lectures much and partly because it’s stuff I’ve picked up along the way. Though Eejay was joking that they liked to change things around just to keep one up on us students. For example, they have started clicker training the dogs, which I do not remember happening before.

The layout of the house has changed as well. Stepping through the  front door, there is still the living room on the left and dining room on the right. Beyond that is the corridor which branches left and leads around the inner courtyard to the bedrooms. In the courtyard was Ken’s aviary. I remember the birds waking me up the first time I was here. They are now gone. As is that back corridor. The bedrooms open up on to the courtyard and each room has its own bathroom. I’ve opted for one with a shower, since I can’t get in and out the bath by myself and did not request an assistant to come with me.

The admin block is still the same, as is the kennel block, though they are now extending. The maternity block is also being renovated.

Anyway, I have my camera, and this laptop of mine has my editing software installed, so be sure to watch for an update tomorrow with pictures… Right now, bed time! Earliest I’ve been to bed in a while!