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still feels like … please forgive me . I know not what I do. Please forgive me.I can’t stop loving you…”

That’s the first thought that went through my mind when I thought of the title of this blog entry. Yanky is spending his first night in my room, though I don’t know if he’s anywhere near as tired as I am.

If anything, he’s raring to go and keen to get on and do things. Even though we’re not supposed to, he’s already getting things for me. His leash slipped from my grasp while I was grooming him and he got it. Then, earlier this evening, we were having some quiet time. He saw a packet on the floor and fetched that too. And I conveniently dropped my wallet for him to fetch as well. I swear, he is as bored as me with all this obedience work.

Greeting this morning

But we’ve got to get it right, because I cannot have him pulling on my arm all the time. My left shoulder is in a spasm and I am feeling muscles in my upper arm that have not done much in years. Fayth was a very sedate lady after we got to Johannesburg. Even before. I tried walking TJ, but he was always erratic and difficult to manage, so I did not walk him often.

So I am out of practice.

We did a lot today. We did a practice run at obedience and met all the staff down on the admin block. It was nice seeing Sue again after how long. It’s been a year or so at least since we last went to an Open Day.

Our dogs were brought up to us at the house, from spending the night at kennels and we had a lecture on grooming, as well as tea and flick – no, flea and tick – control. And we had a long chat on what to feed our dogs as well… or was that after we went outside to groom our dogs? Anyway, those were our lectures for the day.

Yanky just loved it when I got the brush out and kept wanting to take it from my hand. Very obviously bored and wanting to do some work. But we got down to grooming and I threw in a “stand” command every now and then, even though it’s not a word we’ve been told to use. He seemed to respond to it, though. His hair is a lot shorter than Fayth’s and the brush did not seem to pick up a lot.

Grooming ...

Later, we fed our dogs, and then they had to lie in the dining room, an hour later, while we had our food. Typically, this is a new routine and Yanky was not too impressed and got up a couple times. Though, Ken did say they were well behaved for a first night.

Ken and Arleen basically run the house. We have “bar time” with Ken in the evenings and sit having a drink (so far always non-alcoholic) with him and chatting as we unwind, before going for dinner. Arleen, unfortunately has been stuck in bed with a bed sore, which is almost healed. So sometime during the evening, we go through to her room and chat with her as well.

Anyway, it is getting late and it’s going to be a long day tomorrow. I hear we’re having our first outing… a walk past the Johannesburg Zoo. Past, please note … not IN the zoo. Still going to be an interesting experience, full of distractions.