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Time is slipping away faster than we thought possible. Two more days and our time at the center will be done. Class over and all that’s left is the aftercare.

That is when a trainer accompanies us home and helps with stuff that can only take place at home – such as helping family members understand that our dogs are not just pets. Setting up our routine and advising us on issues at work, or shopping centers, and the like.

I am not expecting any issues, thankfully. My team are so keen to meet the newest addition to the family and Facilities management have organized a blanket and water bowl and instructed ground staff to pick up any poop that he does outside.

This morning, we did more obedience work at Fourways Mall. I was more concerned about his constant tension on the lead than any other obedience. He has a tendency to pull, which is putting a strain on my arm.

Thing is, if we actually sit down and think about it, there are so many¬† factors that might be causing it. Where is Yala? Where’s Mandla? What’s this activity? Wow, so much to take in. Plus, today is only Day 4, so I should give him a break. Not too much of one, though, or he will think he is allowed to pull, which he isn’t. He is getting it right more at home, so we can still work on it.

When we got home, we had a photo session before practicing the retrieve commands with our dogs and then hearing them speak on command.

And that was pretty much our day. We are all getting rather tired now … even Miss Energizer Bunny Brenda. I should be in bed, but been fighting with my connection again. Seems I won’t be adding pictures tonight. It’s taking way too long, even with the cell phone tower barely 200m away …