Last night was not a good night for my little kitten. I had left her alone for a week and then suddenly returned with this great big black beast. Far more intimidating than a chihuahua…

What’s worse, said black beast – aka Yanky – broke free and chased her from the house.

Though I saw her briefly after the incident, she did not show her face again until after 17:30 today. Hercie said she had seen Gemma outside, so I immediately grabbed her food bowl and went looking for it. I found her in her favourite corner of the garden. Putting her food bowl down, she tucked in immediately. I guess wherever she had spent the night, she chose not to eat there.

I sat for half an hour petting her and talking to her as she ate. She finished nearly the whole bowl. Once done, I went back inside, but she did not go anywhere near my room.

A little later, I went to the loo and she made herself comfortable in my chair. I took my time, taking advantage of the time spent together to draw her into a little play time and talk to her. She even gave me a few kisses, which I took as a good sign.

She’s disappeared again for the night, but hopefully we’re working towards a positive outcome…