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Today has been busy. Amazingly busy. I probably only truly got a moment to breathe after 18:00.

I tell you … one only finds out how many dogs live on one street when you go walking down that street with one of your own.

Mandla came round to do some training. Aftercare, now that I am home with Yanky. We decided to go for a walk to the pet shop for some advice on dog food, and see what they had, and all the rest. We left again with food samples, and rawhide treats and the number of a dog food rep, who I plan to contact for damaged bags of dog food.

Good food does not come cheap and I only want the best for my new boy.

So as I was saying about neighbourhood dogs … heck, that was fun. I have a tendency to tense up when I’m out walking. Especially my hips and thighs. I guess I subconsciously think I am bracing myself in case I fall out my chair. Though if worse comes to worst, I’ll let Yanky go before fighting to keep him safe.

As we came to the home stretch, and I knew that we were fairly safe, being close to home, I suddenly felt exhausted. All the adrenaline left me and I realized I had been tensing up way too much. It’s good exercise, though. Will get me back in shape in no time.

Back home, though, there was little chance to rest. I had to log in to work and pull reports on the project I was working on. Between doing that, I went out looking for Gemma and fed her under the trees again. She still does not want to come inside, but I’m working on it.

By the time I was done, Mandla was back from visiting another guide dog owner and we did some retrieve work and practiced putting Yanky’s jacket on him. For some reason, he’s become a little skittish of it and we need to get him over it and confident of having it pulled over his head.

Then it was back to work again, and checking on the soccer, after Mandla left. South Africa were playing France and there were several people in the dining room watching. I brought Yanky through to meet a couple new friends minutes before SA’s second goal was scored. A couple guys started cheering and whistling loudly. I barely reacted and as a result, Yanky did not even jump up from where he was lying.

It is so true – a dog feeds off its owner’s emotions. Stay calm and your dog can handle almost anything.