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So much has been happening the last few days that I’d better write some of it down before I forget it all.

Gemma spent Tuesday night somewhere in my room. I fell asleep with her right in front of my face, by my pillow. When I woke up, she was gone. Though she was still somewhere in my room, because all I heard was a scrabble of claws on wood when I went to the bathroom. I can only assumeĀ  she came out of hiding and Yanky saw her and gave chase.

One step forward, two steps back.

And then, I could not get her stitches out. She had been spayed while I was away and the stitches were supposed to come out Monday. After not having luck on Tuesday night, I borrowed Celia’s cat basket to take her to the vet. She stepped into the basket willingly enough, but once that door closed, the claws came out.

So that night, as well as last night, it was back to feeding her outside.

Wednesday also saw us having loads of fun with electricity. It seems the lower house (my house) is on a different circuit to the top house and we were without power until the early hours of the morning.

And in the meanwhile, the top house was without power to the plugs. The circuit board is very old and wires are burning out. We had an electrician out, Victor out, another of Hercie’s friends out because we were worried that something might catch alight. Then we had an ambulance as well, because Celia’s oxygen machine wasn’t working, since it had no power.

During all this, Yanky was lying peacefully in the dining room, next to Celia’s room. His leash was secured to a table leg, so that I could move around freely while still staying within sight of him. He had Liquorice and Misty to keep him company. They seem fascinated by him. Misty is this close to challenging Yanky, though I’m not sure why. Needless to say, he does not back down easily when Yanky and I approach.

Some sort of truce is being drawn between Yanky and Gemma, though this is taking longer to develop than with the other cats. I say this because Liquorice and Yanky almost touched noses as I went to the main house for supper tonight.

Getting back to that truce idea… I was brushing Yanky in the main yard yesterday afternoon. I wanted to soak up the last few rays of afternoon sun, but China Bean was not so obliging. He kept dancing round to try keep Gemma in his sights. She kept getting fairly close. Whether she was taunting him, I don’t know.

We got home late today and Gemma was so hungry that she came in looking for food while I was still busy feeding Yanky. She watched him cautiously as she ate from my desk and even stayed after we left the room. When I finally got back, she curled up in my arms and soaked up the attention for ages, not even moving when she thought she had received enough cuddles. She lightly tried to bite my hand and I took her ear in my mouth. She rolled over and let me continue cuddling.

She has been in and out since I started writing this. It is cold out tonight. I can only hope tomorrow morning is not a repeat of Wednesday …