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It seems like the pressure, crazy sleeping hours and what not else has finally caught up with me. Had Yanky not needed to go out, I don’t know what time I would have gotten up. As it happened, he even got me up half an hour early. Lying next to my wheelchair, in the “action” pose (or sphinx position), told me he had no intention of going back to bed.

At 9am, I was still in my PJ’s, since there was no warm water for a bath. I was tired and contemplating going back to bed. But I couldn’t leave Yanky indoors all day, bored as anything. Getting dressed gave me the energy I needed and off we went.

Off the starting block, he was full of beans. His afternoon spent yesterday with his puppy walking family, and then a brief play with Vic last night, made him forget his manners somewhat. A gentle reminder and a little obedience and by the time we got to the corner, we were going much better.

After having sorted out the misconception (that Yanky would be spending endless time there each day) with Mister in the corner flat, I had Jimmy put the pots back, blocking Yanky’s exit route from the garden. I let him loose after we got back and got his ostrich bone from the room. After watching him settle down with it on the grass, I went to have lunch. Only to come back and find him sitting at the gate. I ignored him and went to my room. After he had been there half an hour, I went back. The bone was untouched. I am not sure what we are going to do going forward. He needs to learn that the yard is not a bad place to stay.

Yesterday afternoon, I got to meet Yanky’s first family. They were the lucky (or maybe unlucky, depending how you looked at it) ones who brought him up from a baby and puppy walked him. He spent ages running around with his human sisters while I chatted with Danny and then his wife, Monica, when she arrived.

We spoke about loads of things … wonder what Danny thinks about Brazil crashing out. Mandla got the call on the way home, from a friend with the news. He was not surprised. He had maintained that Holland had a good team.

Anyway, back to Yanky’s family. It seems he was a very destructive puppy, pulling out thatch from a roof, destroying an outside couch and having an obsession with pipes in the swimming pool. I discovered his destructive habit today as well, with a hole in his bed and a half-chewed toy which Ejay only gave us yesterday.

I am looking forward to getting to know Danny, Monica and the children a better. I gave them my number, but need to dig out their e-mail address from my file … I am so bad with e-mail!!