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It’s been a couple days now, since the sudden and shocking passing of Liquorice, due to an encounter with a car. While it has not had so much of an impact on me, there are several that are still coming to terms with it.

Cilia was feeling better yesterday, though she had another sad night the night before. I have done my best to help her understand that no matter what she could have or should have done, if it was meant to be, it would happen. She is now fondly remembering the short nine months that she had with Liquorice.

Arrie, on the other hand, is angry. So is his mother, Miriam. He is not even twelve and wants to find the driver and hurt him. Who can blame him when he saw the accident happen?

Another casualty from all this is Misty. You may not realize it, but animals also grieve over the loss of a friend. Cilia told me that he understood very well that his friend had died. While Cilia was saying goodbye to Liquorice and had her in her arms, he came over, sniffed and then disappeared. It was all too much for him. Later, he returned and climbed into the crate with her and slept there for the night.

I am trying to think now whether I have seen him since that night and cannot be sure. I know I saw him sleeping on a chair in Cilia’s room, but when exactly that was, I don’t know.

And yes, maybe I have been affected by all this, in a way. I slept better last night, but can still close my eyes and see Liquorice’s lifeless form in my mind. Her dull, half closed eyes staring up from the blanket, blood on her muzzle. I remember being too scared to touch her, to try feel for a heartbeat, not knowing what I’d find and not wanting to touch her if she was already dead. Yes, I’m a chicken.

All in all, we are getting there. It’s been a hectic week and I, for one, am glad it’s Friday …