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I wonder if I have been feeling ill since the last blog entry.  The timing almost does fit.

It has been at least three weeks, and two visits to the doctor later, and I am still not feeling good. Tomorrow is my last antibiotic, of a second lot and I can only hope it finally cracks this illness.

I’ve noticed one or two things this time round, while being sick. As usual, though, I did not want to see the doctor and tried to self-medicate, thinking I had caught it early. A week later, and no luck, I did go, with predictable results.

Would you blame me for not wanting to go to the doctor, after a string of medical mishaps, or mayhem – including a partial hysterectomy, two ovarian cysts, ear infections, grommets and sinuses flushed … and not to mention a broken arm too.

The first difference that I noticed this time round is that I did not feel misluk. That’s an Afrikaans word which basically summarizes the feeling of being miserable and sorry for yourself. Could it be that it was not that type of cold.

Or could it have been all mental? A frame of mind? I am by myself now – no husband, and no family to take care of me. Thus nobody to feel sorry for me. Thus no real reason to feel misluk. Also, the knowledge that being by myself – sort of – meant I had nobody to rely on to look after Yanky and Gemma. Yes, there is staff here at the house, but it is not part of their job description to look after my pets.

The next thing that I noticed was that despite being wrapped very warm, I was so cold. Even on the few days I was at the office. I usually take my jacket off, but not last week. I could not get warm. There were headaches as well, which I never had before. It was like someone was digging into my skull, halfway between my neck and my right ear. Not normally where I experience headaches.

One similarity, is the need to sleep. Though I don’t understand why I’ve felt fine for two days and then suddenly slept the whole day away. Who knows. So long as I get better soon. So, for now, good night. Sleep tight.