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The definition according to WordReference is:

the condition of being free; the power to act or speak or think without externally imposed restraints

My question to you is, is anyone totally free?

Take a look at your life? Do you feel trapped? How starkly apparent are the bars of your little cage? Are they dull and grey and in your face? You know you are trapped and cannot get out. Or are they not immediately visible to the eye, dolled up in pretty possessions, so that you can pretend everything is fine, but somewhere, a little voice screams to get out.

Maybe you think you are totally free and living the life you wanted. Are you sure about that, or are you conforming to society’s and government’s ideas of what freedom should be?

A strange line of thought, but this is what popped into mind after a conversation with my mother last night. She basically implied that an accident in 2008 where I broke my arm was deliberate, in order for my ex to get me away from my family. While I feel that it was a rather elaborate and expensive plot, where we had only been in town a couple days before it happened. He could have saved a lot of money and problems by not planning the holiday at all.

Anyway, it got me thinking to all the times we fought after seeing my family. How he tried to manipulate me to go to bed, instead of staying up, chatting with his mother. I did not see the cage going up around me, because of all the fun we had, going out, and the things he bought me.

I have to wonder, if I had come to my senses sooner, would I have been able to get away? Would it have been easier, or harder then, than now. Would I have been able to set up a life for myself like I am doing now? Yes, I am still feeling confined, but the paving is being laid in which I hope to expand my horizons to a brighter future.

The divorce is through. The settlement is being processed. Things will only take time now.