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That pretty much sums up events for me lately – especially today.

I got up this morning to find Yanky desperate to go out. So we broke routine and he went out even before having breakfast. I brought him back inside, gave him food and settled him while I went for a bath. I opened the door when I got back and he was outside immediately again, wanting to go to the garden. Since he had not done everything earlier, I sent him off by himself to the garden while I got dressed, only to have him brought back by one of the staff. He had wandered out the main gate again. Proof again that he cannot be allowed out unsupervised.

Anyway, that was the least of my worries. The whole day he was distressed and could not settle. He had eaten some grass in the morning, but did not think it was enough to upset him as badly as he was. He kept getting up and stretching, butt in the air and front paws on the ground. When he lay down, he would roll over on his back. Very cute, but not something he usually does very frequently. Any opportunity he got, he was outside, trying to find a spot in the garden.

He vomited twice, all bile and grass before I phoned Mandla, his trainer mid-afternoon. He suggested to keep an eye on him, since he had eaten breakfast and see what he was like at dinner time. Not long after that, he vomited again. Three times the size of previous attempts. I took him outside, to find a staff member to help clean up. Thank heavens for wooden floors.

While the mess was being cleaned, I groomed him. He still looked rather miserable, but did not fidget as much as before. By the time we got back inside, he was tired and fell asleep. Finally I was able to try get some work done, but by then, it was almost dinner time.

On a personal note, I have been having major headaches lately. I have been assuming it is a side effect of a chronic post nasal drip, but today, I went to the pharmacy and bought some anti-inflammatory tablets. My back on the right, and shoulder, has been painfully sore and simple muscle relaxants have not worked. My headache is only just coming back now, and does not seem as bad as before. I did not have as much fluid to drink today either, so I am hoping for a more restful sleep tonight, unbroken by trips to the bathroom…

Now, the question is, do I keep my doctor’s appointment tomorrow, for these headaches and post nasal drip, or see how these new tablets work?