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So, I got to work this morning, and opened the News24 website, which is something I only seem to do at work. One of the articles I came across just got me asking … How? No, really … How?

Volunteers tracking fireflies
Scientists are hoping a network of backyard volunteers who are counting fireflies can help them determine if the luminous insects are in a decline.

I don’t think we get fireflies in South Africa, though I did see a strange glowing bug once a couple years ago.

Anyway, reading that snippet above brought this mental image to mind of the darkness being lit up by little bursts of light flying around. This had me thinking, how the heck does someone count that which cannot keep still? Do they take a photogoraph each night for a week, count how many are in each picture and determine an average?

Yeah, funny. Too much TV, I think.

Curiousity piqued, I went and checked Wikipedia. Still doesn’t tell me how on earth you can count the little things, but it made for interesting reading …