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I can’t say that I am in the mood to update this blog as regularly as before, but it’s about time that I at least filled in the gaps of what’s been happening over the last month or so.

I developed a sinus infection, is what happened. I tried to self-medicate for a while, but it did not help. One plus, though, is that it did not spread to my chest. Two courses of antibiotics later, it finally cleared up. But somewhere along the way, I picked up one painful knotted muscle in my right shoulder. It’s a lot better,  but still not as good as normal.

Gemma is rather big now. At eight months old, I can’t believe how she has grown. I keep worrying that she will become overweight, but the amount of exploring and climbing she does, I don’t think it will be a problem just yet.

She proved a couple weeks ago that she is definitely an Iams cat. Barbara, from the Cat Box up the road, has been insisting that I try get Gemma to eat Pro Pac. So, I let the old bag of Iams run out and filled her bowl with a sample bag of Pro Pac. This was early morning. Six hours later, the food was still untouched and I was convinced that she wanted another bag of Iams.

She and Yanky seem to get along these days. They are still not at the point of curling up side by side, but now, they regularly greet by touching noses.

Chris, my friend in the room next door, is not doing so well. He is in hospital at the moment with some kind of obstruction. After about two weeks of hoping it will pass – and it almost did – it seems that it has not gone past his small intestine and there is no other option but surgery.